Monday, April 17, 2006

Nagi Noda (revisited): "Sentimental Journey"

*watch the music video!!!

This is a poster that Nagi Noda created for a music album by a popular japanese singer named Yuki. The music album is entitled "Commune" and the featured song is entitled "Sentimental Journey." This music poster is a photograph of the music video that was done for the "Sentimental Journey" song. This song sums up the concept of the music album which is about her interpretation about the "sentimental journey" of the changes that one goes through in life. She is inhabiting a surreal world in which she is dancing, jumping over a puddle, falling, passing by a golfer, eating an apple, watching someone die, then that person's spirit rises from their body and goes to the after-life world, while Yuki changes clothes and exits the house as a changed person.

This piece of artwork effectively serves individually as both a photograph and a music video. It is such a beautiful, creative, unusual way to represent one's journey through changes in life. Did you notice that the entire photograph/video takes place in a single curved-wall room with painted walls? The paintings on the walls of the buildings, landscape and sky along with the carefully changing ground are so well crafted that the viewer's eyes just flow through her journey seamlessly. Also, each figure is a different girl that is posing very still. The music video/photograph begins with Yuki in the pink dress, and then similar looking girls form her multiplied self thoughout the scenes. Even the golfer is made up of five different men. In order to make it look like Yuki is jumping in the air, the girls are attached to clear strings to hold them up off the ground. And in order to make it look like her dress or hair is blowing in the wind, they stiffened the girl's hair/dress in that position to make it look like each figure is frozen in time. There are no camera tricks, so if you look closely when you watch the video, you can see the girls blinking their eyes or slightly moving.

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Blogger carley said...

wow. thats really creative. it seems to be a montage of moments in real physical space. it must have been bizarre making the video with so many girls that look alike walking around the set. i like the organic approach of how they decided to not use camera tricks. i would like to know what the words to the song are, do they tell the story as she goes along, or are they related less directly? i also wonder what process went into creating the visuals- whether her movments were based on a series of photographs or something.

12:43 AM  
Blogger blauro said...

Pretty impressive,I find it very bizarre and interesting at the same time. Kind of like the work of Michel Gondry with "eternal sunshine of a spotless mind" because of the fact they both only camera tricks to instead of the computer to achieve their ideas.

6:02 PM  
Blogger unmi said...

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6:07 PM  
Blogger unmi said...

It was such a simple setting not using any tricks or using computer techniques to duplicate the same person on computer. Actually seeing the girls blinking, and shaking a little bit felt very raw which made this video more interesting. Sometimes we feel like the work is incomplete if we don't add some spices to it. And now we see things around that are trying to approach the raw feeling that rather feels fresh to us. Like carley said, it's hard to tell if this goes along with the song without knowing the lyrics but I think the title of this song 'sentimental journey' narrates the change of emotional feeling. It also worked well for the poster how you can tell the whole story within that one piece of poster.

6:09 PM  

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