Monday, January 16, 2006

Radical Type Design (pgs. 37-38)
David Carson

When I think of David Carson, I think of very loose, abstract, and sometimes "illegible" designs. However, his Table of Contents designs from Surfer magazine (pg. 37) and Speak magazine (pg. 38) are different from the other David Carson designs that I have seen. I like these better. In these table of contents designs, Carson still sticks to his "experimental design" qualities, but he organizes the type into a orderly, legible pattern.

David Carson's table of contents designs go beyond its purpose. It is an artwork in itself. Through the contents pages, he is able to convey the attitude of the company which he is doing the work for.

"the table of contents should get somebody intrigued and in a way excited about what is to come- and, to not give it all away. Equally, to not allow them to simply read through the entire contents page." -David Carson

"It is more of a teaser than a road map" -David Carson


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