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"Qoo" is a popular drink from the Coca Cola Company which was introduced in Japan in 1999. It is now available in most of Asia and in Germany. "Qoo" is pronounced "koo," which is what the mascot always says after it takes a drink of Qoo.

I really enjoy the playful and imaginative designs of this product. From the bright, bold colors and thickness of lines to the soft, hand drawn typefaces, Qoo is a perfect balance between cute and sophisticated. At first glance, Qoo designs may seem childish, however, if you take time to explore their websites and look closely at their labels, you will begin to notice the intricate details that make this product full of little surprises.

I especially like their interactive websites. They are designed to be like mini "Qoo communities." In the English website, you can go to the "Qoo mall" and shop for Qoo products, go to the "Qoo Entertainment Center" and play games, etc. And if you look closely at the building with the clock on it, you will notice that it is an actual working clock with the correct time on it (I'm assuming that it adjusts to whichever time zone you are in too). In the Japanese website, you can make the Qoo mascot icon walk around and visit the various categories. In both these websites, the environment changes according to the time of day it is. During the day, the sun is shining and during the night, the stars and moon come out. All these little details keep you interested and make you want to keep searching for what else there might be.

As for their products, rather than just putting their company logo on their products, Qoo labels often consist of mini illustrated scenes which are designed with a particular flavor in mind. So each flavor has a differently designed label. Also, they make multiple designs for flavors and are frequently coming out with new designs, so it is likely that you will get a different Qoo can depending on when and where you buy it. I also like the design of their drink container. It looks like a cross between a soda can and a bottle.

*See Qoo dance!


Blogger Courtney said...

This is so your style Ashlee, I knew you are very fascinated by these little QOO creatures, but until i read your blog post, I really was not aware of all the intricate details behind the websites and just the whole Qoo history. I like how there is so much attention paid to all the facets of the product line and how it is almost like a little world of its own.

Additionally, I know you said that your dream would be to work for Sanrio to design characters for them, but have you given any thought to doing something more along the lines of Qoo where it is a whole community of its own (although it is affiliated with Coca-Cola), where it seems the possiblities are endless as well?

6:41 PM  
Blogger carley said...

wow, you kinda cant help falling in love with that little character, its cute.

that is definately some ingenious marketing. like you said, they do a good job of keeping you interested and wanting to keep searching. I think the design aesthetic is successful in creating a friendly and inviting look to appeal to a broad audience. everything about the brand is happy and fun.

i keep referencing things that kristina said, but im going to do it again. I remember her telling us that interactive is the way of the future; ads with type that morph depending on a viewer's spatial proximity or any number of variables like our mood or the weather. for companies, interactivity ensures that customers are more emmersed into their over-all brand identity.

oh and i had a question. is there a meaning to the term qoo? it almost sounds like the character is trying to say cool?
and why is there a mcdonalds in the little community but you cant go inside, that frustrates me.

7:18 PM  
Blogger unmi said...

Wow, I felt like I was actually walking around in that Qoo town and I wish I was. Not only the character's cute, but while you're enjoying seeing in this website, you also get lots of information about this drink. They don't sell it here do they? I was wondering what it tastes like.

First when you mentioned it was made by Coca Cola Company I couldn't imagine a coke company making these drinks, but after seeing the website, I noticed there was a same marketing strategy underlying in these drinks. They pay more attention sending out powerful image of their company and make the coolest websites and advertisements and make people fascinated by this. But perhaps, people don't even care what Coca Cola's coke taste like, or (i don't know how Qoo taste like but) how Qoo drink taste better that other drinks.

There's always been a huge competition between Pepsi and Coca Cola but seriously, if you go to a restuarant and order a cup of coke, who cares if its Pepsi of Coca Cola. Some people can tell the difference between these two cokes but I'm sure majority of people, they just want coke.
The taste of the Qoo drink might be something similar to those drinks in the market that has already been out there. Maybe just a regular fruit drink. And people might not even be so attracted to the taste but it makes them special because they drank one of the Qoo drink, and just that fact is what satisfies the customers.

Ummm...I can't wait to try one of these!

9:32 PM  
Blogger brianlauradesign said...

This really reminds me of your screen prints and your website "juice" , I like the playful use of type and of characters that are bright colored, like pop art. Have you ever heard of Brito he does alot of oil paintings I think you might find it interesting, he paints characters in flat color, very pop artish. I like the interacting of web sites, I think that html sites are the thing of the past and flash is where its at.

12:50 AM  
Blogger Matt Desbiens said...

I just wish I knew where the heck to order it from, I remember we used to drink this over in Okinawa all the time when I was stationed over there. I just really miss it. Anybody have any ideas on where to get it?

11:38 AM  
Blogger Sayuki said...

I LOVE THIS DRINK! Qoo is most likely my favorite drink in Japan. Every time i do go to Japan for the summer break... I always get Qoo. My favorite is the apple flavor!

6:07 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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11:52 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

you can find Qoo at donkiyoute, a japanese store in hawaii.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

we just took a trip to japan and my son is now addicted to Qoo. we found it today at home in seattle at uwajimaya.

2:58 PM  

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